What Is Mcbling, And How Is It Different From Y2k?

Zip up your tracksuit and charge your blinding blackberry — we’re wearing the 2022 McBrinn. If you search for“Y2K” on Depop, or look in a thrift store for a Von Dutch trucker hat, a Juicy Couture tracksuit with“Juicy” printed on the back, or a tight Baby T-shirt with the garish cursive logo“Baby Phat.” You’re actually looking for the aesthetics of McBling.

Don’t you see the difference? McBling is a grainy song ringtone that comes out of your Motorola speakers. It’s about unplugging your headphones from around your pink metal iPod Nano. It’s about spraying your Viva la Juicy perfume on your chunky highlights.

At the same time, Y2K is a bit early in the fashion history timeline, hovering between the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the dominant trend being a low-slung, relaxed glamour. This era is slowly evolving into something more tangible; McBling is seen as Y2K’s Technicolor, flashier sister.

What is McBrinn aesthetics?

McBling style is about, uh, shiny. Trendsetters shine in glittering coats and jewelry, and technology becomes the newest and brightest accessory.

Anything colorful — preferably pink — and Hikaru Monotachi are your best friends during McBling’s rise. Miniskirts became shorter, and velvet and street clothes became uniforms on the red carpet. Many of the staples of McBrinn’s day include patterned t-shirts with trendy phrases, dazzling tracksuits and jeans, and sequined accessories.

Who’s on, McBling?

This aesthetic became popular between 2003 and 2008. Artists such as Missy’s Missy T. S. Eliot, LL Cool J and Eve are among the few to bring aspects of this trend to life, such as sportswear, matching outfits, shiny accessories and colorful street clothes. Celebrities like Parris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, who wear patterned T-shirts and tracksuits on the streets and on-screen shows like “Simple life,” have popularized the aesthetic.

What are the McBling brands?

Brands like Baby Phat, Von Dutch, Juicy Couture, Playboy, Victoria’s Secret and PINK were hugely popular in the McBling era. Using the“It” factor of 2000, these brands embraced the modern self-confidence defined by their bosses in 2000, unafraid of attracting attention, and immersed in a healthy self-obsession.

Words like“Fat” and“Juicy” adorn jeans and sweatpants, shamelessly drawing attention to the back. Parris Hilton, owner of the McBling graphic t-shirt trend, says “Queen of the universe!”“Don’t be jealous” and “I love shoes and purses and boys,” to name just a few. Luxury items such as Louie Vuitton’s multi-coloured bag from Widen, which appeared on the catwalk on the brand’s spring-summer 2003 show, and Valenciaga’s motorbike bag are also popular.

How did the McBling aesthetic come about?

Like many aesthetic styles, McBling marks a new and emerging cultural era.

The promise of easy-to-use technology has finally been fully realized, with the blackberry becoming one of the first consumer-facing phones with a full keyboard between 2002 and 2003; The iPod, launched in 2001, broke records for its ability to hold 1,000 songs. Myspace was launched in 2003 as the first social media network. Users post about their personal lives, discussing everything from music to pop culture.

This era was also the beginning of what we know as celebrity culture. Digital Photography and a desire to meet Hollywood moguls have spawned celebrity magazines and Paparazzi Mania. The Hit TV show MTV Cribs offers insight into the lives of celebrities.

McBrinn is a reflection of the bright early days of the digital revolution and the connected world we now live in. As mobile phones become more popular, texting becomes easier, and celebrities become more accessible with the rise of entertainment-centric journalism, the possibilities of the connected world soar to new heights. McBrinn is all about blending charm with lightness, using color and sheen to get people’s attention.

How to dress McBling

With the rise of frugality, many shoppers have found antique stores filled with McBling’s flagship products. Even celebrities like Bella Al-sekka Al-Hadid and Devon Lee Carlsson are pushing for a renaissance.

Search for matching tracksuits, shiny accessories, and shiny highlights. If you want to buy McBling now, many of them are making a comeback, like Baby Phat and Juicy Couture.

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