The Greatest Costume In Fashion History: The Perfect Little White Dress By Tracee Ellis Ross

There are some perfect celebrity moments, and there are some really memorable looks that you desperately want to recreate at home. In“The great costumes of fashion history,” fashion-savvy editors re-examine their all-time favorite outfits.

While any“Rules” about what you can wear and when are generally crap, there are some pieces that just feel right for a certain time-for example, a little white summer dress. It’s basically a blank fashion canvas that you can customize to your taste or mood, from length to shape to décor. I tend to be more minimalist — their simplicity is the ultimate expression of elegance and ease — and Tracee Ellis Elis’s Rachel Comey LWD is the blueprint.

The actor wore the sleeveless square miniskirt at New York Fashion Week in September 2015. The Ellis dress, inspired by the 1960s and made of lightweight cotton, is the perfect end-of-summer look. She adds a splash of color (with matching red lips) to it with her red boot-style heels, and her silver geometric earrings complement the retro feel of LWD-a fun look that feels very Tracee.

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