The Future Of Jaguar Is Moving In The Direction Of Style And Self-expression

The British carmaker has long been a communicator of performance and elegance behind the wheel.

The concept of a sports car is often fraught with allure. Their attractive shapes often give way to curvilinear structures, free-flowing lines and design aesthetics that attract even the most discerning eye. Jaguar is at the intersection of luxury and automotive design. Its complex design process and hand-touching are similar to those of world-renowned fashion companies, fostering an innate ability to create exquisite, timeless automotive collections. It is here that we see these two worlds collide so closely — fields of style and car concepts that merge with our own self-expression and inspire our choices outside the closet, more into our driveway.

Blouse, Mugler. Pants, Yves Saint Laurent. Sunglasses, Thierry Lasry. Suit, Gianni Versace S.p.A. . Shirt, Giorgio Armani.

A bold perspective

The graphic silhouette and aerodynamics lines of the Jaguar F-type are designed to make a lasting impression, a striking sight — a sensation of beauty from every angle, highlights its powerful posture and outstanding performance.

Earrings, Yves Saint Laurent.

Enjoy luxury in the afterglow

Usually, our vehicle becomes our sense of escape. The Jaguar F-type offers the ability to wrap you in its luxurious interior, and the abundance of textiles and finishes effectively ignites a transformational experience that enlivens your day-to-day driving experience. Complemented with customizable ambient lighting, it can achieve your mood, reflect your own unique style and carefree attitude.

Sunglasses, Thierry Lasry. Earrings, vintage. Top, SemSem.

An unprecedented magnetic force

Jaguar is adept at crafting racing machines under the guise of elegant carvings and moving works of art, so the all-electric I-PACE is typical of contemporary British design, future innovations that combine both Jaguar DNA and FIA FIA Formula E Championship technology.

Earrings, Yves Saint Laurent. Jumpsuit, SemSem. Cuff, Jean Paul Gaultier.

A signature item

If the little black dress or frock is considered the immortality staple of the wardrobe, then the little two-seater coupe is the one to watch when arriving and leaving. The F-type Deep Desire Red is rich in subtle metallic pigments for a glossy midnight look, designed to capture light from all the right angles and attract attention like a snug sequin suit.

The complexity of elaborate design

Jaguar also often finds influence in fine tailoring and trendy staples. In the car, the I-PACE is meticulously stitched with two stitches, echoing the effortless luxury of Pitti Uomo’s habituated style-adding to its allure.

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