Steph Shep Changed Her Signature Scent After The Breakup

You may have first heard of Stephanie Suganami shepherds-or“Steph Shep” for short-and her many social media followers-because of her close ties to the Kardashians. (she was chief operating officer of the Kardashian-wester brand until 2018.) But the environmental advocate and entrepreneur spent the next few years working on his project, more recently, she has set her sights on fostering a more thoughtful beauty industry and educating the public about the realities of climate change.

Sheppard is Chief Impact Officer of Plus, a biodegradable body wash brand, and co-founder of Future Earth, a climate education platform. In July, she expanded into beauty, launching a 100% compostable, unisex perfume in partnership with SNIF, a direct-to-consumer perfume company. Named“Suganami” after Shepherd’s Japanese surname, the perfume combines natural and woody aromas with cypress and bright spices.

Sheppard is a man who takes perfume seriously. She told Fashionista in a recent interview: “If I start walking out the door, I think, ‘Oh, no, I forgot my perfume, ‘ I’ll be late and go back to make sure I have my perfume,” she said. “I do think it’s a little cherry on the whole hair, skin and nails. It’s good to decorate everything with a great perfume.”

Suganami may be Shepherd’s current signature fragrance, but it came after a long career change, especially after the breakup. Sheppard discussed the subject with Fashionistas and her entire beauty program — including her favorite SKKN By Kim product, which she calls a “Game-changing” hairstyling tool, and what she thought was the most memorable smell. Please continue reading the main points of our conversation.

What kind of fragrance do you usually like?

Let me first say that I am very sensitive to fragrance. Ever since I was a child, I have had a sensitivity to fragrance. I have a strange phenomenon, if I smell someone, I must know their smell. For example, one of my girlfriends, Dani Michelle, always wore a perfume that smelled just like her, so I knew it was her.

When I look for a perfume, I look for something subtle and classic. To be honest, I usually choose Cologne. I don’t think perfumes need to be specific to someone’s gender identity, which is why I’m really excited about working with Snif. It’s a very old-fashioned concept that perfumes are for women and Colognes are for men. We wanted to make a genderless fragrance that anyone could enjoy and use at any time, and I think we really did that with Suganami.

What was the inspiration for the fragrance you chose for Suganami?

Perfume has such a powerful effect on my memory and the people I love that it can really bring you back to a microcosm of your life. In Suganami, I really wanted to include a particular period of my 20s, which was a more relaxed time. I don’t know if I didn’t have so much stress, or if I had so many adult responsibilities, but I was in my 20s and I was happy.

In this chapter of my life, my friends and I will go to Paris Fashion Week and have the best time without worrying (and without social media judgments) . We would run in the street at one or two o’clock in the morning. It was some of the best times of my life, and there were different kinds of scents that brought me back to that place. I really wanted to hone that time in my life and create something that would take me back there.

When you were growing up, was there a smell you missed?

Yes, it’s very interesting. One is Jergens’s cherry-almond-scented moisturizer. It brought me right back to my childhood, and I actually still love the smell of hand sanitizer. I also love Lip Smackers Cappuccino Lip gloss. It was a milky brown, the color of the early 21st century and the 1990s, and it was such a special scent that I could eat whatever I wanted. Then, maybe it’s my mother’s perfume. She sprays Armani Acqua di Gio, and the smell touches my heart.

What is your day skincare routine?

I think I’ve now found a real sweet spot for the product I’m using. I’m a beauty aficionado, so I’m always looking for something new, but I’m in a good position now. Now I wash my face with the powerful moisturizing cleansing gel of peaches and lilies, and then I use SK II essence. Then I used peaches and lilies for glass skin and CosRx Cica essence (which changed my life)

I also make a face cream, such as SKKN face cream, I like it very much. Finally, I’ll finish with Vintner’s Daughter vegetable oil-it’s perfect for summer. I Don’t wear makeup every day, but if you are a makeup person, put this on in front of Your Foundation, your makeup will melt on your face and look very shiny. That’s What I’m doing now, and it works for me.

Although you don’t wear makeup every day, is there a cosmetic product that you can’t Leave Your Home?

If I do anything, it’s probably a concealer. If I have a flaw, I use Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche éclat concealer, which is super-thin. For the most part, I like to use my Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Face Oil or Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid for a bright, natural look. Then I’ll end it with a Kosas wet lip gloss or Merit lip gloss.

What does your hair look like?

Oh, my God, my hair is the worst, and my hair is the most. I recently bought a Freeman Dyson Air Purifier, and I have to say, it’s a game changer. I usually just weave it into a little French twist or braid when it’s wet and call it a day, but I find Airwrap very easy to use and it looks like I just blew out my hair.

Does your skin-care routine change at night?

I will [ add ] CosRx eye cream. In the evenings, I pull out my tools and try to be a little more flashy. If I had time, and I was really indulgent, I would do it at My Celluma Pro Red Light. So I lie under the light for about 15 minutes, and it even helps me sleep.

Given how important sustainability is to you, how do you practice environmental awareness in your beauty program?

For me, it’s really important to shop with brands that match my personal values. There has been a real shift in the beauty and personal care industry, so there will surely be some brands, especially small brands, that can start from their foundations in the spirit of sustainability. I think it’s really important to support these types of companies, and I’m definitely prioritizing them. I also try to prioritize shopping from small, asian-founded, K-beauty, J-beauty, and female-founded brands.

Do you have any beauty tips that people might not know?

Strangely, when I have a new boyfriend, I always change my perfume. I don’t know if anyone else would do it, but I just can’t keep wearing the same perfume (after a breakup) … … some girls cut their hair; I’ll change my perfume and start over. A new evolution, with a new scent, and a new atmosphere.

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