Know The Siren’s Eye: Tiktok’s Most Popular Eyeliner Technology

When it comes to TikTok, the rest of the year is all about edgy, dramatic style. Think about it: thick eyelashes, rosy cheeks and inverted cat’s eyes. But don’t get too comfortable, because a new eyeliner technology has entered the chat room. Meet the eye of the siren. This is the newest and boldest eye makeup to date, so we searched the platform and asked some experts for tips on how to shake the Eyeliner style.

Make-up trends we didn’t anticipate (no, we’re not talking soft glamour) .

What’s a siren’s Eye?

The siren’s eye technique resembles a dramatic cat’s eye, but with a twist. This makeup uses eyeliner to lengthen the inner and outer corners of the eyes, the siren’s eye is a fusion of Fox’s and Cat’s eyes. People have always liked this trend of eyeliner because of its elongated and sexy look,” explains New York City celebrity makeup artist Judith Garber.

We like to think that the name“Siren” was inspired by Greek mythology. It is well known that these mysterious creatures use their songs and striking appearance to lead sailors to their death. While this style doesn’t encourage you to follow in their footsteps, it does encourage you to unleash your inner supermodel and focus on your eye makeup before anything else. Basically, it was a smiling moment that made Tara Banks proud.

Why are they so popular?

Well, the siren’s eye is always there. We’ve seen’90s supermodels like Naomi Campbell Swing Down the runway in this bold style, and in the early’00s celebrities like Rihanna did the same. Now, celebrities like Bella Al-Sekka Al-Hadid, Meggen Fox, Alexa Demi and Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman are once again showing off their siren-like eyes on the red carpet. Amber Dreadon, a celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles, said: “It’s very flattering for everyone and makes small or very round eyes look much longer.”.

Tiktok got wind of the technology back in July, with more than 3 billion page views on tabs alone. Creators like Hayley Buix, Sarah New and Jillian Nicole Smith showed off their best siren’s eye (and got millions of views) , proving that the days of soft charm are over. Sorry not sorry.

The siren’s eye is about projecting your eye shape, so everyone from almonds to hooded eyes can shake the style.” The trend is universal and seems to please all eyes. “This is a must-try for those who want to adjust their daily make-up,” says Alexa Persico, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Alexa Persico Cosmetics.

What’s the point? Stay Sharp and guide your lines beyond your inner and outer corners to get a sharp look. Need some more guidance? We asked the experts how to implement it at home.

1.Prepare your eyelids with base makeup and concealer, then apply a light shade (or bronzer) to the base of your eyelids. Persico suggests a combination of soft brown and dark bronze for the perfect siren’s eye.

2.Pick up your eyeliner (or a combination of dark shadow and a diagonal brush) and draw a very thin line. Expand your wings where your eyelashes and waterline meet at the outer corner of your eye. A good tip is to use a flat object (like a credit card or duct tape) to get a super-clear line.

3.Beginners have a choice. “I like to mark where the outside Eyeliner is, to make sure it’s symmetrical, and then work on a clean, strong line. I usually mark the wing of the eye and then attach it to the eyelash line,” Dreadon explained.”.

4.Use the same eyeliner pencil to pull out the corners of the inner eye and connect the eyelash line to the water line like a small triangle. Gabbay recommends leaving a small gap in the center of the waterline to really get a sexier look.

5.Finish the styling by cleaning the edges. Dreadon recommends using q-tip to correct errors and make the appearance clear. Oh, and don’t forget to add a pair of eyelashes or mascara for real drama.

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