Is This The Next Hair Color For Fall?

Last fall, Jenna Pery, a new york-based hair colorist, helped fuel the craze for copper and Mocha chocolate hair colors, her high-profile client list includes Bella Al-Sekka Al-Hadid, Maude Apatow of Maude and Cloy Sévigny. Now, according to the expert in demand’s latest forecast, the next color to hit in the fall, called“Chocolate Cherry,” falls somewhere in between these previously popular shades.

Grace Van Patten, who stars in next month’s Hulu drama Tell Me Lies, is one of the latest to adopt the fiery dark-haired hue. “Grace is a chameleon,” says Pery, who recently dyed the 25-year-old actress blonde and asked for a new “Super black” hue before the fall. Using the potential red tones in Patten’s hair, the pair settled on a rich “Chocolate cherry” hue.

“The tone is very playful and charming,” says Pery. Even more enticing, especially for anyone who’s playing with the idea of red.” It’s always been a problem to flirt with the red-hair phenomenon, not to get copper. It also has much lower maintenance costs. “Compared to a real redhead,” Pery said, the advantages are that it lasts longer, it dyes hair more, and it oxidizes at a slower rate,” she said.” It lasts three months!”

When salon asks for “Chocolate cherries,” a dark-haired client can expect a range of maroon hues to give the hair that perfect crimson hue, Pery says. To maintain color at home, she recommends carefully mixing shampoo and conditioner based on red and dark brown (use the latter more often to make sure it’s not too red) to keep the color bright and vivid. Chocolate cherry” hair color between easy to take care of and extremely sweet point of impact, in the coming fall will be everywhere.”.

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