Gucci crosses Stanley Kubrick’s Mad Multiverse

Last fall, when Alessandro Michele closed Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles for Gucci’s Love Parade, his devotion to movies seemed to be at its peak. There, he tapped into elements of old-fashioned cinema, dressing all-star protagonists in fur-trimmed gowns, twinkling pajamas and satin mermaid tails. Less than a year later, the designer returned to the silver screen, replicating Stanley Kubrick’s most recognisable scenes in an intensely detailed way. From “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “A clockwork orange,” to “Barry Linden,”“The shining” and “Big Eyes.”, michelle’s partnership with Adidas was highlighted in the Mert and Marcus commercial — all the Frank triple-stripe and double-g graphics. There, “The clothes become very imaginative functional prosthetics, and they do this to tell a story,” Michele says. “A broken, fascinating, torturous, kindling story, because it’s the story of the human race that inhabits each and every one of us,” Michelle says, “As Stanley Kubrick knows all too well.”.

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