Draymond Green Married Hazel Renee At A Golden Ceremony In San Diego

When he was a freshman in Michigan State University, it was a college drama class that put him in the path of the Hazel Renee. I run track and he plays basketball, so we naturally gravitate to each other in team events, hazel, an actress and producer, said she was preparing for the initial meeting with Kim, her next business venture. A few years later, the same summer that Golden State Warriors won their fourth NBA title, the couple celebrated at the Fairmont del Mar Hotel in San Diego.

Their journey to the altar began with a family helicopter ride. “Our engagement was the most dramatic and sweet thing anyone could do to express their love for me,” Hazel said. Draymond Green has been in touch with her friend and Encore Events planner Britney Spears Mendoza, “I thought we were just going on a city tour with the kids and then having dinner,” Haser recalls, “But then the helicopters started circling the water and lowering. We then landed on a boat.” To her surprise, a dozen of their closest friends and family members were waiting on deck. “I don’t know what happened, “Haser admits it,” he says as he leads me to a beautiful flower bed with a jacuzzi and a proposal on one knee in front of all our loved ones — it must have been in the movie

“Que Sera, Sera” came to Hazel’s mind when she talked about the wedding that had been postponed because of the pandemic and the birth of her daughter, Kaş. “I just knew that everything was going to be on track,” she said. When time “Finally” arrives, it’s just a matter of time and place “The planning process is actually very cold — impulsive planning, if that’s a thing,” Hazel says. She ended up working with wedding producer Diann Valentine. “To be honest, I think we woke up one day and said, ‘this year is going to be a great time for our wedding, ‘” she said with a smile. The couple then pushed back their original date, July 4, by six weeks, “Everyone is telling me that you look relaxed and not like a bride,” Haser jokes about maintaining a low-stress attitude. When the night before the wedding arrived, Haser spent much of the early morning filling out seating charts for guests like Le Blanc James and Stephen Curry.

Haser had a clear vision for her own decorations for the day, “I wanted to wear a designer that I felt would accentuate my curves,” she said, after attending the New York bridal show by Ines Di Soto, we flew to Toronto and met at her studio, where she welcomed me with open arms and was very warm and willing to create the perfect look for me. The ceremonial and reception gowns were dreamed up and delivered within a month. “I never imagined wearing a jersey for my ceremonies, but when I put on the sample, I looked at my mother-in-law, and I knew right away that this was the dress for me, “We were both in tears,” she recalls. A custom headdress with emeralds and crystals is the highlight of de Soto’s work, with make-up artists Teisha Letman and Christiana Cassell teaming up with hairstylist Terrence Davidson to create the bride’s classic beauty look and bun.

Of course, Draymond knows exactly who to get to make his emerald evening gown. “My spouse has a long-standing relationship with Los Angeles fashion designer Rich Fresh,” Hazel says of the custom-made shapes created for the ceremony. Drummond then collaborated with New York designer Musika to design his metallic black party dress, and got his son DJ a matching Rich Fresh look. “They were the only two people who wore green because they had it that day!” Hazel said of the father-son duo. Their daughters were also given bespoke looks. “Oliver and baby cash are wearing the Italian Mona Lisa,” Haser said. “Their dresses have been altered and our tailor, Eric Gavrilow, has sewn the custom lace from my ceremonial dress to their dresses precisely.”.

Cindy Cohen of MODA Glam Boutique made four bespoke dresses for the bridal party, “My girls are my girls and I want to make sure they look and feel good,” she says. “I really like the idea of them not wearing exactly the same dress, but two different dresses, complementing each other.” They wear champagne and gold, echoes the custom Rich Fresh suit worn by the father of the bride and groom.

Hazel’s dream is“A long hallway,” not a garden in Grand Del Mar, where she covers fountains with golden marble to create a path to the altar that is more than 100 feet long. The reflected light made the couple feel as if they were“Sliding on a real gold floor,” “I didn’t want to put traditional flowers in the aisles, so our designers created these beautiful oversized boxes with green roses as frames at both ends of the aisles,” says Haser. Conductor Earl Roth and choirmaster Jayson mcgee formed a small orchestra and choir, “As my father walked down the aisle holding my arm, I knew in my heart that the bond he had built with Drummond over the years had made him feel safe because he knew he was giving his baby girl to the girl of his dreams,” Haser says. Her godfather, Judge Greigg Mattis, conducted the ceremony, during which she and Drummond exchanged personal and traditional vows, “So it was a very close family moment, even though we had a lot of close friends as guests.”

Before a formal portrait by photographer Stanley Babb is taken at the cocktail party, Champagne is opened and appetizers are served. When guests arrived at the ballroom, they found it shrouded in green dupioni silk curtains, dotted with emerald suede chairs and gilded glass tables. Hit songs were played by Jordan Khan, Cakes by Fabulous Cakes were cut, and photographer Raven Varona set up a portrait stand. The couple’s engagement photo was magnified to a 20-foot wall, “Our party lasted until about 4 a.m. ,” Hazel said, adding that the green lounge furniture and wine tables were for guests who needed a break after the party, dJ Mark Battle, Joe, Next, Roddy Ritchie and Dababy. The Puff & Parlay joint is paired with an In-N-Out burger truck, filling up early in the morning “It all happened so fast,” says Hazel, now think back to the ceremony. “The children were right when people kept telling me it would end soon! It was like a whirlwind. It was like a whirlwind of dreams, laughter and uninterrupted dancing.

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