Chic Claw-shaped Clip Also Makes Drying Your Hair Very Easy

A lovely accessory and a styling tool that doesn’t need to be heated become one.

Whether it’s out of a desire to improve hair health or just a lack of interest in taking the time to manipulate a hot tool for an hour, drying has become the preferred technique for many of us, especially in the past few years, especially in summer. But for the texture of my hair-thin, wavy hair that, if left to its own devices, tends to turn into fluffy marshmallows-drying is difficult.

I spend most of the summer picking my hair up in my paws and leaving it there-the perfect heat wave style. But after trying the new claw-clip version of Crown Affair (and the founders’ special air-drying technique, which creates loose waves without heating them up) , my air-drying game changed completely.

Medium sized turtle claw Clips-a set of two-are designed to help dry the air, among other things. Handmade from Italian plant-based cellulose acetate, they have a special internal grip that grips all types of air, from slippery hair (like mine) to Curly and kinked textures. They are very durable (I’ve broken a claw or two before, so I love them) and really hold your hair in place.

I love these fancy accessories that add a bit of shine to my usual look when I tie my hair up, but I’m even more impressed with what they can do as part of a non-thermal styling process. When I use these clips using Crown Affair founder/amazing hairstylist Dianna Cohen’s desiccated“Twist and clip” technique (which she generously shares on social media) , I get a effortless wave of looseness, it’s not fluffy at all.

Cohen’s process involves strategically moving wet hair away from the face, gripping it with claws and drying the air. In this non-thermal styling process, the clip holds the hair in place without leaving an annoying kink, which you might get elsewhere-super-simple, amazing results.

I get the best results when I first prepare my hair with conditioner-free and curl enhancers. (I like Crown Affair’s shampoo-free and R + Co’s Ring Tone Ultra Defining Gel Cr ème) . Of course, this app is definitely best for naturally wavy hair like mine, but I still strongly recommend anyone use a bobby pin.

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