Britney Spears Speirs Posted And Then Deleted Videos Sharing Her Feelings About Her Guardianship

“I do feel victimized after these experiences. And how can I mend this if I don’t talk about it?”

Britney Spears Speirs shared her unfiltered feelings about her custody and family in her 22-minute YouTube video, which she then deleted on Sunday night. She also posted a link to YouTube on Twitter, but also deleted the post.

The pop star gave a detailed account of her guardianship when it began, and how she continued to work through legal arrangements, and how she felt wronged by her family. “I share this because I want people to know that I’m just one person,” she says, i do feel like a victim. “How can I fix this if I don’t say it?”

In the YouTube post, the singer also revealed that she had been offered money to discuss her story in an interview, but was not interested in getting paid. The post did not include visual effects, but featuring Speirs speaking in audio, “I really don’t think this has anything to do with getting paid to tell your story, I think it’s a bit silly,” she explains. Later, she reiterated that her story“Goes beyond a proper sit-down interview.”

Speirs said she had never discussed custody so openly before, because she“Has always been afraid of judgment, certainly afraid of the embarrassment of the whole thing, and of doubters and cynics and their perceptions of what people actually think.” But she feels that she“Is now in a place where I am more confident that I can openly share my thoughts and my experiences.”.

In 2008, Speirs was placed under guardianship and her father, Jayme Speirs, controlled her personal life and finances. According to the New York Times, the legal arrangement lasted nearly 14 years, until a judge ruled last November that custody was terminated. The ruling comes after the free Britney Spears movement, a fan-led campaign to end custody of Speirs, gained public support.

In the video that was deleted Sunday night, Speirs recalls her work after “Being taken to the hospital and being completely traumatized.”, she appeared on the TV sitcom“How I Met Your Mother” and recorded her album“Circus.”“I don’t remember ever feeling so down,” she said. “It’s just, they made me feel like nothing. “I obeyed them because I was scared. I was scared, I was scared,” she added, she also continued to perform in Las Vegas. “I’m a fucking machine,” she said. “I’m barely human, the intensity of my work is astonishing.

She later added: “I know in my heart of Hearts that I have done nothing wrong and that I don’t deserve this. I do think the hardest thing for me is that I want to get off on my feet and run away or go somewhere.”

While Jayme Speirs and other members of the Speirs family have not publicly responded to the video at the time of writing, he did 2021 a statement through his lawyer in September, it was “Disappointing” and “A loss for Britney Spears” to say he had been removed as Britney Spears’s guardian. In November, he also filed for immediate termination of his guardianship.

Speirs ended the video she later deleted with an uplifting message for her fans or anyone else who might have been in a similar situation. “If you’re an introverted weirdo like me, and you feel lonely a lot of the time, you need to hear a story like this today so you don’t feel lonely,” she said. “You know, my life is far from easy, and you’re not alone.”

A few hours later, Speirs posted a message on Twitter about personality and self-love.

She wrote: “You can lose your personality on how others [ View ] your fake story, and some idiots like me fall into the trap because unfortunately I do care… but at the end of the day… ,” she wrote, “I have to respect myself and realize that this is not about pleasing others or making myself crazy for their ideas… … respect yourself …… And valuing ourselves is the only way to get to where we all seek to be. Self-love… … and pass it on to everyone I meet !!”

Update: Britney Spears’s mother, Lynn Speirs, responded to her daughter’s post on Instagram on Sunday night. She wrote that she “Tried” to help the singer “Get out of trouble”, and after Britney Spears’s comments she said “To be honest, I was more angry with my mother” because of the way she handled protection.

“All your life, Britney Spears, I have tried to support your dreams and aspirations,” she wrote. She wrote: “Besides, I’ve tried my best to help you out! I never told you what I thought, and I never will. I have never and will never turn my back on you! Your rejection of my numerous flights and phone calls makes me feel hopeless! I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried everything. I love you so much, but this conversation is between you and me, eye to eye, in private. ”

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