4 Rules For Dyeing Your Hair In 2022

The trend in hair color is constantly changing. One year it was about beach bronzes (short for Brunette Blondes) , the next year it was about bloom. While the life cycle of these trends is short, there are several key hair-dyeing principles that remain consistent in 2022. We will guide you through them.

1. Add a sense of depth

Whether you’re blonde, brunette, or redhead, you’ll need some bloom to add dimension to a solid color. These light-colored strands will help break things up, so your hair is not a tone, which may look flat and unnatural.

How to ask your hairdresser to do this. Ask for highlights in places where the sun is shining, such as the front of your face and the ends of your hair, because these areas tend to be shallow.

2. Leave some shadows on your roots

Along these lines, if you just want to make a subtle change to refresh your fall look, you can simply build on what you already have. For the most part, this just means turning the bright bloom part into a slightly darker shade (i.e. , darkening the blond hair in the sun to a soft caramel color) and leaving some shadows on your roots, this will extend your appointment.

How to ask your hairstylist. Ask to keep some shadows on your roots and lower your overall color by one or two shades (depending on your preference) .

3. Maintain all mixing

Remember the overbearing hybrid look of 2010? In the past few years, it has made great progress. As mentioned earlier, having some dimensions in your hair is key to keeping things going, no matter what color it is. To achieve this, you want to have both dark and light hair, but there’s a thin line between the previously aggressive two-tone and the soft, mixed look we’re looking for in 2022. And the thin line is the thickness of your highlights.

How to make this request to your hairdresser. As stylist and colorist Rubyna Kim of Style Seat tells us, “Ask for babylights, which is a finely woven bloom that adds a subtle dimension to your hair, so the overall effect looks more natural.”

4. Try Red (but don’t forget to increase the contrast)

If you want to jump on the hottest color trends right now, 2022 is the year to try red. It’s all changed. Not sure how bright and hot to use? Those with whiter skin tend to opt for light copper or strawberry blonde hair, which looks best. If you have medium to olive skin, you can choose a rich copper or coral color, if your skin is darker, you can try plum color or Burgundy. No matter how popular your route, don’t forget to keep some contrast in the process.

How to ask your stylist. When it comes to big color changes like this, pictures really do Trump Ordinary Heroes. Bring a reference photo and talk about your favorite colors to make sure you’re on the same page before you start.

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